Restorative Floor Care & Carpet Cleaning

Keeping your floors clean can be challenging.  High-traffic areas accumulate dirt quickly, and everyday wear and tear can leave once-
beautiful floors looking dingy.  At ACP, we offer commercial floor cleaning and preventative maintenance.  When you choose us, you can transform
dirty flooring and get the clean surroundings your clients deserve.
      Floor Care 

Prevent costly damage and unsightly grime when you choose our
floor cleaning service.  At our Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, 
company, we understand that running a business means dealing
with foot traffic.  That's why we use an innovative floor care 
system designed to revamp dirty or damaged flooring.  With our
preventative floor care, you can avoid scratches, cracks, and 
floor degradation.  We can work with a variety of surfaces,
including VCT, SVT, vinyl, linoleum and terrazzo.

Floor Care Services

Machine Cleaning    -    Polishing    -    Waxing    -    Stripping

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Even with regular floor cleaning, your tile and grout may appear dirty or dingy.  Over
time, daily foot traffic can leave dirt deeply embedded into your grout, creating
residue that routine cleaning won't eliminate.  In order to combat this, we offer
specialized tile and grout cleaning.

During this service, our industrial equipment powers through dirt and grime using
pressurized water vapor.  As the water vapor is applied, an extraction device
removes the dislodged dirt and restores the appearance of your floor.  Our tile and
grout cleaning is not only incredibly effective, but also fast and affordable.

        Carpet Cleaning

Dirt and soil quickly work their way deep into carpet fibers.  This embedded dirt 
- combined with the abrasive action of foot traffic - causes carpets to deteriorate
and lose their appearance.  Manufacturers may even require you to clean your
carpet to maintain your warranty.  In order to help you maintain the proper
atmosphere and healthy indoor environment, we offer full-service carpet cleaning.

Our carpet cleaning is tough on stains, but gentle on the environment.  We use an
all-natural, plant-based cleaning solution that eliminates dust mites and other
allergens.  This advanced formula also encapsulates dirt and crystalizes when dry,
so no sticky residue is left behind to damage treated areas.  Our solutions also allows
you get back to business faster, as it dries within a mere two hours.