Maintain Professional-Quality Surroundings with Our Office & Medical Cleaning

Stained carpets, dusty countertops, and dirty bathrooms can give the impression of a disorganized business.  Carving out time in your busy workday to clean is tough, but messy surroundings may leave your clients feeling uncomfortable.  With ACP, you can have the sparkling spaces that your customers deserve.  We offer detail-oriented cleaning designed with the needs of commercial business in mind.  With a little help from our friendly cleaning crew, your office or medical facility will look fresh and clean.

Commercial Cleaning

Our Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, company specializes in 
commercial office cleaning.  Our goal is to keep your facility 
looking great while you focus on running your business.  When you 
choose ACP, you'll never have to worry about dirty, unorganized 

Rest assured that your business is in good hands with us.  Our team 
is fully licensed and insured.
Medical Facility Cleaning

While we offer our services to all commercial businesses, we specialize in medical
facility cleaning.  Medical facilities have unique cleaning needs, and we've tailored
our services to suit them.  Along with providing comprehensive facility cleaning, we 
also strive to keep keep you and your patients safe.  All of our employees undergo a
criminal background check, regular drug testing, and a Sex Offender Registry check.

Our workers will never detract from the safety of your facility.  Along with our criminal
screening, we also require employees to take a Tuberculosis Skin Test (TST) and
stay up to date on Hepatitis B vaccinations.  Our staff has undergone extensive
training and testing to learn about blood-borne pathogens and how to properly clean 
medical facilities.  We make every effort to keep surfaces contamination free.